At luk hiar! -previously known as ALOOHA-, we are capable of designing, producing, integrating, and operating any digital signage (Digital Out-Of-Home) project, that we adapt to the needs of each client.

luk hiar! has been always present in the digitalization of OOH communication and is a leading company in the telecommunications sector. This media is one of the most efficient tools of communication and interaction with the target audience, which is why we dedicate all of our talent, passion, and years of experience towards offering an integral, innovative, and personalized service to companies and brands of any business sector worldwide.


Special Projects and Complementary Solutions. At luk hiar! we are available for the client to make possible any digital signage project idea. The experience and capacity of design and development accumulated for more than 10 years allows us to solve the needs

DOOH Systems in Transport Vehicles. We have created a special digital signage support designed to be installed on transport vehicles, such as those for public or private service. They are resistant to weathering (IP > 65) and are prepared to withstand the conditions of the usual routes of the means of transport of people.

Corporate Communication and Point Of Sale. The wide spaces that most companies and institutions have, such as company headquarters, points of sale, university campuses, offices, etc…

DOOH Systems for Advertising and General Information. They catch the attention and better the experience of the public, they can show plenty of information at the same time, and have interactive functions. They are ideal for malls, transport hubs, parking lots, the public way and any other place with high influx of public, indoors or outdoors.


We know the importance of technology in communication, that’s why we offer our customers the best and most appropriate technology for the implementation of campaigns, as well as the most appropriate software.

We take care of the technical maintenance after the start-up of the service. In this way our customers have the security and support of a great team that guarantee that the service will be provided 100% continuously.